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Common Pests in East Texas

Here in Tyler and surrounding East Texas, we have many unwanted pests that invade our homes and businesses. We have provided some information regarding some of the common pests found in East Texas. 5W Pest Control and Home Services has all the tools to remove and prevent any pest infestation. Our regular pest control treatments will keep your home safe from most pest intruders, while our specialized treatments will target those pests that require more focused treatments. Either way, you can feel confident that we will provide the best pest control service in East Texas!

  • East Texas cockroach controlCockroaches

Cockroaches are known for their resilience and adaptability. They tend to be nocturnal and will come out of hiding to find food and water. A female cockroach can produce thousands of offspring in her lifetime. Did you know cockroaches can carry and spread disease? They can pick up pathogens on their legs and bodies then transfer them to surfaces and food, causing health risk to humans. The cockroach can also trigger allergies in some individuals from their saliva, shedded skin, and droppings…Yuck! Cockroaches thrive in East Texas and can be challenging to control without integrated pest management strategies. Our pest control treatment plan will rid your home or business of these unwelcome visitors.

  • TermitesEast Texas termite control

Termites are well-know for their ability to feed on and damage wooden structures. Termites are social insects that live in colonies. Some of the most prevalent termite species in East Texas include Subterranean and Formosan termites. A termite queen is larger than workers and lays eggs continuously. Unfortunately, the humid climate in East Texas can produce wood with a high moisture content, which is attractive food for termites. Because termites typically eat wood from the inside out, they are sometimes referred to as “silent destroyers.” In a short period of time, colonies can grow to be enormous and cause severe damage. Winged termites will swarm during certain times of the year. If you spot a termite swarm, this is a sign of an existing or potential termite problem and action should be taken immediately to limit property damage. 5W Pest Control and Home Services has a termite prevention plan that will guarantee protection of your property.

  • East Texas mouse and rat eliminationRodents

The most common rodents in East Texas are mice and rats. Rodents are notorious for causing damage to homes and structures. From electrical wires, insulation, and wood, rodent gnawing can result in costly repairs. Proper food storage and sanitations are crucial for rodent control. Some of the most common signs of rodents are droppings, gnaw marks, nesting materials, noises, and chew holes. In addition to trapping and baiting, exclusion services to find and eliminate entry and exit points for are critical for rodent prevention. Check out our Rodent Removal Page for more information on our services.

  • FleasEast Texas Flea Control

Fleas are a nuisance to pets and humans. They are parasitic and feed off the blood of their host. In addition to itching and discomfort, flea bites can cause some people to have allergic reactions. Fleas are excellent jumpers which allow them to quickly move between hosts. By using preventative measures with your pets, you may be able to have effective flea control. However, sometimes infestations will occur and integrated pest management is necessary. 5W Pest Control and Home Services can treat interior and/or exterior areas to get a control of flea populations here in East Texas. We also have a flea and tick yard treatment available to protect you and your pets.

  • East Texas Ant ControlAnts

The ants that are most concerning for East Texas residents are Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Crazy Ants. Fire Ants are known for being fiercely protective of their colony, rapid and swarming movements, and painful stings. Carpenter Ants tunnel through wood and and have the potential to cause structural property damage. Crazy Ants are attracted to electrical currents and may short-circuit HVAC systems or other electrical equipment. No matter the ant species causing you problems in East Texas, 5W Pest Control and Home Services can provide eradication and control measures to protect your property.

  • Bed BugsEast Texas Bed Bug extermination

Named because they feed on the blood of humans and animals while they sleep, beg bugs are a nuisance in East Texas. They can survive months without feed and hide deep within furniture, walls, and other structures. Bed bug bites can cause a range of skin reactions in individuals, including itchy welts, rashes, and, in some cases, allergic reactions. Commercial property owners and residential customers rely on professional pest control management for bed bug eradication because DIY methods often fall short. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, CONTACT US immediately for a free consult. We stand by our work, and will eliminate your bed bug infestation in East Texas.

  • East Texas Spider controlSpiders

While most spiders are harmless to humans, the bite of Black Widow Spider and Brown Recluse Spider can have serious consequences to East Texans. The venom of the Black Widow spider is a neurotoxin and can cause severe pain, muscle cramps and other symptoms. Black Widow spiders are skilled web builders and often found in quiet dark places. The venom of a brown recluse spider is a necrotic can cause severe skin tissue damage. The brown recluse spider also prefers undisturbed locations like closets and attics. Our regular pest control treatments will control the spider population in your home.

  • MosquitoesEast Texas mosquito control

Mosquitoes are a persistent concern in East Texas, impacting both public health and outdoor activities. Mosquitoes are most active here in East Texas between March and October. In addition to the skin irritation from bites, mosquitoes can also transmit various viruses, parasites, and bacterial pathogens. 5W Pest Control and Home Services offers a mosquito treatment service during the active season so you can enjoy the outdoors on your property. CONTACT US for more information on our mosquito treatment service.

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